Social Impact

Our Guiding Philosophy

       Our story starts with love for the diverse groups of people who have befriended us, raised us, taught us and enriched our global history. Our dream is that one day, every one of them and their families will have an equal opportunity to thrive, regardless of where in this world and to whom they were born.  If man created a system where some can access unfathomable opportunities and others perish for no fault of their own, man can change the system to ensure everyone on this planet has access to the basics we all need to thrive.
       With an unwavering urge to fight for this dream, and gratitude for the luck that life has afforded us, we aim to provide clean water, food, medical care, and economic opportunities to lift every fellow human being out of poverty. We also want to see a present that respects nature’s bounty and fragility, so that we can create a future where our environment can support many generations to come.

We build this guiding philosophy into every aspect of our operating model and everyday practices, including:

  • 100% of our net profits go to funding poverty eradication projects.
  • All jewelry boxes, bags, and gift wrapping paper, are made from recycled paper only.
  • Our mail packaging envelopes are biodegradable.
  • We partner with international shipping couriers to combat climate change by offsetting emissions from the transportation of your shipments.
  • Our suppliers are vetted for ethical labor and environmental practices across suppliers, jewellery craftsmanship, and office operations.  
  • Our daily operations minimize utility (e.g. water, electricity) & supplies (e.g. paper) consumption whenever possible.
  • All business stationery uses recycled materials.  Even our business cards are made from recycled cotton!
  • We accept fine jewellery donations (new & used) so we can donate even more, without having to use more natural resources to do so.
  • We share our socially responsible practices publicly to encourage more businesses to jump on board.
  • We provide transparency around how we select grantees, and give our customers the choice of who their hard earned money is going to help.
  • We only work with models and service providers who have a track record for giving back, and/or support Generous Jewels' philanthropic mission.
  • We fund social impact organizations based on hard data, demonstrated impact, project efficiency & efficacy, and sustainability of their projects and organization going forward.
  • ..and more!

      Our Grantee Selection Criteria

      To ensure your donations go towards making the most social impact for those living in poverty, we screen our social impact organizations for whether they:
      • primarily support water, food, medicine and educational initiatives for people in parts of the world who have the least resources and existing opportunities, and are currently underserved.
      • efficiently and effectively achieve real-world changes by partnering with communities and key decision-makers, to deliver sustainable, measurable, empowering, and comprehensive solutions to end global poverty.
      • have a thoughtful plan for their organization’s long term sustainability and/or scalability.
      • publicly share the impact they’ve been able to achieve over time with their donations, for general accountability and donor awareness.

            Meet Our First Round of Non-Profit Grantees!

            Based on our data analysis of countries with the most people living in extreme poverty, have the least access to clean water and electricity, and have less existing non-profits working in the region proportional to the impoverished population, we've selected 4 social impact organizations who already do great work in these countries and meet our grantee selection criteria above.  Across these 4 organizations, we're helping to support their work in 120+ countries, including Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India and Yemen (with 240M+ people living under extreme poverty).  

            1) Save the Children

            Save the Children is helping 157 Million Children in 120 Countries, including DRC, Nigeria, India & Yemen.  In fiscal year 2017, 86% of all expenditures went to program services. Find out more.

            2) Innovations for Poverty Action

            Through a large global network of industry experts and researchers, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) helps to provide extensive data and research to advise non-profits, governments, law-makers and other key decision makers oh how to design more effective solutions for ending poverty around the world.

            IPA has worked in 51 countries, in collaboration with an extensive network of more than 575 researchers from the top universities in the world. Many of these academics are pioneers in their fields of research, particularly in development economics.

            IPA estimates that its research has positively impacted over 144 million people worldwide with improved health, education, and other benefits, including 96 million children dewormed, 47 million children reached by targeted instruction and 1.3 million people reached by chlorine dispensers.

            3) Action Against Hunger

            Action Against Hunger uses ~93% of every dollar on programs for hunger relief. Their efforts span 50 countries, addressing hunger, malnutrition, clean water, and lethal disease. As an international humanitarian organization, they also provide natural disaster relief, recognizing the the poorest people are the most vulnerable to these events as they often lose their only assets and access to clean water and healthcare. Their food security and livelihood program currently reaches 1.9 million people in different countries by solving the root issues to hunger with solutions in production, access, and income.

              4) Room to Read

              Room to Read invests in nearly one million children each year and aims to invest in the lives of at least 15 million children by 2020.  901K new students were helped in 2016, helping to improve their reading skills in 11 languages across nine countries.  

              Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments, they develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.

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